It’s only been 3 days and I already miss Asia, so let me take you back to Korea. In the presentation of the 60 day bug challenge, I thanked Future Food Lab for sending me loads of cereal, and since it’s my first breakfast, I’ve decided to tell you all about it.

Futureal mealworm cereal

Last night I went to bed super early, and woke up accordingly, I’m still trying to get back on track. And after a couple of hours of chilling out in bed, I decided to take breakfast (I tried to take it outdoors but that wasn’t my smartest idea.)

Now yesterday, I listed the ingredients written on the back, but I can’t decrypt hieroglyphs, so I will just assume the list of ingredients on the front is complete.

You know how when you go to an Asian restaurant you just ask for the “Menu H5” or “J3”? The cereal I tried this morning is number 4. There are at least 3 types: number 3, 4 and 5. Number 3 does not contain insects, but Lingzhi mushroom, but since I’m eating number 4 today, it doesn’t matter.

Mealworm cereal

Enough with the numbers, let’s see the ingredients:

Apple cube, oats, mealworm, brown rice, almond slice, (future protein?).

I have no idea if “future protein” refers to the mealworms, or if it’s something else, but do I really want to know?

I’m really not the kind of person who likes doing the dishes, I actually dislike it so much I started eating powdered drinks a few months back to only have a bottle to rinse.

Future food lab cereal

These cereals are actually the perfect breakfast for me, you open them up, add some milk, or not, and eat them with the spoon that is already inside. When you’re done, you throw everything away.

I guess that I’m going to learn how to distinguish different flavours by the end of this challenge since I need to describe them every time.

I’ll just be calling this “Mealworm cereal” until the end because I don’t really want to use numbers over and over again, it just confuses me.

The mealworm cereal basically tastes like puffed rice with a healthy sider. By healthy sider, I mean, you can taste the apple and almond, it’s not just puffed rice and sugar. The Wikipedia page on puffed rice says: “In Korea, puffed rice is known as twibap (튀밥)”. I couldn’t find the same symbols on the back of the package, but I’m not entirely sure I was looking at the ingredient list, I don’t know where to look. If I didn’t know there were mealworms in these cereals, I would have had no idea there were insects, they just taste like “normal cereal”.

So, if you want to include insects in your diet but you’re scared it might taste bad, maybe try these cereals? Then you’ll be able to try and eat bugs in another dish or by themselves.

Futureal cereal 4

I just realised, after writing most of the article, they call this cereal: Futureal. Super cereal from the future.

Now that I’m a bit embarrassed and that I’ve been calling it wrong, I’ll just forget it ever happened and tell you a bit about the company, Future Food Lab.

Future food lab

Future Food Lab was founded in 2014 in Korea, when the famous U.N. report on edible insects came out, the CEO wanted to try it for himself, and realised it wasn’t sold anywhere at the time, so he thought he could make it!

Their idea was to make a product that could be popular, with the insects being invisible, a person interested in having a healthy life can try the cereal without feeling the insects, kind of just what I said before. They use only good ingredients, so that insect food can be associated with good food.

The concept of being able to eat directly from the bag and having the spoon inside, which is my favourite part, is made for busy modern people, the design is more sophisticated and futuristic.

To what they told me, insects are easier to find than in other countries, but that doesn’t mean they’re more open to entomophagy than we are. They also think bugs are disgusting, but it’s ironic because you can buy silkworm pupae from the supermarket there.

Their core value is to make insects a “normal” food.

As I said yesterday, everyone company shared a few words with me in their native language, if anyone of you speak Korean here, you can translate this sentence for other people (including myself) in the comments!

한국 식용 곤충의 표준을 만드는 저희 퓨처푸드랩이 Aubin의 용기를 지지하고 응원합니다

It’s kind of scary because I can clearly see my name in that sentence, but have no idea what it means.

I want to thank Future Food Lab again for being so generous and allowing me to eat Futureal (I said it right this time) throughout the whole 60 day bug challenge. I won’t be describing the cereal everyday though don’t worry.

FFL Cereal
Picture credits to Future Food Lab

Can you hear the drumroll in the distance? It’s rating time! On a scale of 1 to 10:

  • The Futureal Number 4 “Mealworm cereal” would be a 7/10. The points lost are due to the fact I’m not really a breakfast person, I grew up in England, so I’d be able to eat hash browns and baked beans every morning. Plus, I don’t digest lactose very well, so adding milk isn’t ideal. I’ll probably try these cereals with alternative milk like almond or soymilk.

I don’t know if they ship worldwide, but it’s definitely worth the detour once if you can get your hands on some. You can find their website by clicking: here.

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To find all the other daily articles, please go to the end of the main article: here. See you tomorrow.

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