Sometimes, it just feels like we’re trying too hard to make our food tasty and nutritious. What if there was a way to keep it simple? May I present: Snack Insects’ Basilikum fusilli mit gemahlenen buffalowürmern. Roughly translated to Pasta made with Buffalo worms!

Buffalo worm fusilli

How many times have you spent hours trying to cook something healthy for yourself or worse, for your underappreciative family who is just going to complain anyways!

In my household, what works best is just plain old pasta, especially since we each eat for 2.

I’ll admit, I’m a greedy little troll and didn’t share my Buffalo worm fusilli with anyone, and frankly, I have no regrets!

To find out what the ingredients are, I’m going to use Google translate, so… don’t judge.

Semolina, whole ground Buffalo worms (Alphitobius diaperinus)(14%), dried egg white powder, dried basil (1,5%).

What’s the point of swapping our usual pasta to one containing insects? The protein intake. Usually you’d have to add a slice of ham but this time, you got bugs.

Hopefully for myself, I am a great cook, because there was no indication of how long these fusilli should be cooked. I like knowing approximately how much time is needed for my food to be ready. Here, it would seem to be 5-6 minutes, not more, otherwise they’ll be overcooked. And yes, you can fail pasta, this is me speaking from experience.

I didn’t go to great lengths for my food today, a bit of butter, a bit of grater cheese and voilà.

Initially I wanted to go for ketchup, but I thought it would ruin the taste and the pictures.

Insect pasta

If you’re wondering, you can taste the butter and cheese. Joke aside, it tastes like whole grain pasta, nothing surprising today, it might even comfort people who are not looking for anything new, just something to make their food a little healthier.

I’m sure if you have a little more motivation than myself, you can make some great dishes.

So, let’s talk a bit about the creator of this Buffalo worm fusilli, Snack Insects.

Snack Insects Logo

Snack insects is a German company founded in 2013.

You might think that they only sell snacks, but on the contrary, they have a huge variety of products, from dried insects, to pasta, including insect flour, energy bars, chocolate and even honey (which is by the way a by-product from insects).

The great thing about all that, is that they ship to all of Europe for less than 5€.

Another great thing about Snack insects, is that they’re not only an insect supplier, they also do courses and events to talk about topics such as “Insects as a sustainable food source for the future”.

Remember, raising awareness about entomophagy goes through education. We might fear insects less if we know about them. And I want to thank them for sending me this sample to participate in this education by telling you all about their product!

This is the third day in a row that I find myself without a quote. So, I’m just make it the new normal, and when I have a few words to share, it will just be a pleasant surprise!

Please stay calm, rating time is coming, don’t get too excited, I know you can’t wait, I’m getting there… On a scale from 1 to 10:

  • The Basilikum Fusilli mit gemahlenen buffalowürmern score a 7/10. I can’t go too high because it’s only plain pasta, but I am someone who can appreciate something simple and nutritious. Why try and be exotic when all you need is some Buffalo worm fusilli?

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