It’s been a whole week, only about 7 more to go. As you might imagine, someone as organised as myself, has a list of what insects they’re going to eat every day. Somewhere on that list was a recipe from the book Bugs for Beginners that I wanted to try for myself, Curried Pumpkin, Coconut, and Cricket Protein Powder Soup.

Pumpkin soup

Now, today, my mum was planning on making pumpkin soup, so it took me a couple of seconds to realise we could add some insect powder to resemble to the recipe from Bugs for Beginners. I did not follow the recipe by the letter, because it was totally improvised, also I didn’t have the same cricket protein powder used in the initial recipe, and we aren’t really big on spicy food.

Another slight detail, my family had no idea they were going to eat insects. They actually still don’t know… My brother will find out soon enough because he checks the French versions of my articles for spelling mistakes, so, sorry bro.

Mealworm Pumpkin Soup

I’m just going to write out the initial recipe from Bugs for Beginners and leave out my modifications, let’s just pretend I followed it. Especially since I also had to double the doses since we are 7 at home, and this recipe serves 4.

You will need:

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 large onion (approx. 1 cup), chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic; finely chopped
  • 3 cups broth; chicken or vegetable
  • 1 (14-ounce) can coconut milk
  • 1 (15-ounce) can pumpkin puree
  • 1 4 oz (113 g) bottle red curry paste
  • 1/3 cup Coast Protein vanilla cricket protein powder
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon ginger powder
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper such as paprika or cayenne, to taste

Now just follow this step by step, and soon you’ll have yourself a nice meal.

  1. Onions and Garlic: In a large pot, heat coconut oil over medium. Add onions and sauté until soft and translucent; approximately 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook for an additional few minutes, until fragrant.
  2. Soup: Stir in broth, coconut milk, pumpkin puree, red curry paste, and cricket protein powder. Increase heat and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally to assist ingredients in blending. Once soup begins to boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for approximately 20-30 minutes.
  3. Spices
  4. Spices: When soup has nearly simmered to desired thickness, add curry powder, ginger powder, and red pepper to taste. Simmer on low for an additional 5 minutes to allow flavors to blend, but not so long that spices begin to lose their aromas.
  5. Garnish and Serve: Serve warm, topped with chopped cilantro, freshly ground pepper, or your favorite garnish. For thematicism, I like to use insect salt such as sal de cricket from Incredible Foods, sal de gusano from Merci Mercado, or Fire and Brimstone mealworms from Entomo Farms.

Mealworm Pumpkin Soup

Remember, this is only one recipe. If you’re interested in cooking insects, I highly recommend you buy the cookbook Bugs for Beginners it’s on Amazon in Kindle format. There are more than 75 recipes inside, enough to keep you entertained for some time!

And if you’re hesitant, listen to my podcast: here. It’s an interview with Michela Dai Zovi, the author of Bugs for Beginners and I’m pretty sure her enthusiasm alone will make you want to try out her book.

Click here to find her book directly on Amazon.

Mealworm powder

If you want to know I used the Mealworm powder given to me by 21bites. “Them again?!” And it’s still not over, I still have a couple of other products coming from 21bites, if you want to check out the article about them, click here.

In my humble opinion, the pumpkin soup was a complete success, everyone ate their whole bowl and loved it, but they had no idea it had a secret ingredient: powdered mealworms. I couldn’t get my hand on cricket protein powder, and I know it’s completely different, but it was still a success on my end.

If I were to describe it, and that’s actually what I need to do, this mealworm pumpkin soup taste like regular pumpkin soup (whatever that tastes like) with a hint of nuts, I also added cream so there were a lot of flavours to try and separate.

Since I already told you about 21bites in this article, and you also have a whole podcast dedicated to Michela Dai Zovi from Bugs for Beginners at this link, I’m going to skip directly to… rating time! On a scale from 1 to 10:

  • The mealworm pumpkin soup gets a 9/10. As I said, I kind of adapted the recipe, but I’m usually not fond of soup, and today, I ate 2 bowls, it was really good. Is it just because my mum is a great cook? We will never know, but this soup scores 9/10 anyways.

You might be wondering, if a soup can get a nearly perfect score, what other wonders can the Bugs for Beginners book hold? Check out my podcast: here and then just buy her book on Amazon: here.

Sorry for all the links in this article, but there is a lot to see and only so much space. And I’m not done, because, if this is the first article you’re reading, I’ll ask you to go back to the main article by clicking here, to find out loads of other cool bug related food during this challenge.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you want to read more, please don’t hesitate to follow me on this blog and on my social media accounts. If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them, please leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Day 7 : Mealworm Pumpkin Soup”

  1. This was brilliant – Your family still do not know but your brother was soon going to find out 😛 HA HA it cracked me up 😛 “So, sorry bro” 😛 LOL.

    It still gets a 9/10 even if your mom is just a great cook. 😛 HA HA its too brilliant.

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