Hi everyone,

This is actually my very first podcast, even audio-recording.

I have never done this before so I am open to any constructive criticism you have to offer !

Today’s host :

Katarina Unger, CEO of Livin farms


I hope you like it and please leave a comment on what I should tackle next or how I can generally improve myself.



Text transcript:

Aubin Bernard: Hi everyone, this is Aubin speaking, and this is actually the first of hopefully many podcasts and it’s going to be a quick interview of Katharina Unger, CEO of Livin farms, the company who created the Hive, an edible insect farm you can use at home. Now: let’s get on with the show !

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Aubin Bernard: So, this is actually my first recording for anyone for my blog, so here you go, you’re the first !

Katharina Unger: Nice, cool ! Did you have a good talk with Clayton ? What do you think about the product ?

Aubin Bernard: Yeah it was a great talk with Clayton, very interesting and it’s very good to know your side of the story actually, at Livin farms.

Katharina Unger: Yeah, all progressing…

Aubin Bernard: Just a quick recap for anyone who is going to listen, this is Katharina Unger, CEO at Livin farms.

Katharina Unger: Hi, thanks so much for having me.

Aubin Bernard: I wanted to ask 3 or 4 questions, first of all, how did Livin farms start ? Where did the idea come from ?

Katharina Unger: So Livin farms started in, well technically the project about Livin farms started in 2013, when I was working as an industrial designer in Hong-Kong, I’m originally from Austria, but coming to Hong-Kong and working here really made me much more aware of the problems that our food system poses and that we really urgently need to do something against it, or about it and that was really the beginning. The very beginning of Livin farms, when I was in Hong-Kong I started to look into alternatives to our current meat and animal protein production and this project led me all around the world and eventually resulted in founding Livin farms by end of 2015 in Hong-Kong.

Aubin Bernard: Cool, cool, and your product now at Livin farms is the Hive. In which part of the world, may I ask, did you have the most success ? Is it like America ? Asia ? Europe ? Was there somewhere it worked more than other places ?

Katharina Unger: Actually Europe is still our key market, it is very close with the US so we have about equal, a little bit more customers in Europe than in the US. Overall we see that there is a slightly different orientation of customers in those 2 geographies; in Europe, we see that sustainability is one of the key factors that make people think about new types of food, in the US, we see that it’s more the functionality, of course also sustainability, but much more than it feels that people are very aware about their health and about what they want to have in their food and what to not have in their food so, clean protein, clean meat are very big topics for US customers.

Aubin Bernard: Ok, there are only 2 questions left. Before you had the Hive at Livin farms, you had a prototype called “Farm432” with black soldier flies, is it something you have a vision for in the future or is it something you let go ?

Katharina Unger: So, “Farm432” was the very first prototype of building a home growing device for insects, it came out of the motivation to be ultra-sustainable, and as you might know, black solider fly larvae can eat pretty much anything…

Aubin Bernard: Yeah!

Katharina Unger: That is a food waste in your household, and then they can grow very very fast, so that was really the motivation behind going for a growing device for black soldier fly larvae, it was though more like the concept car of home growing devices. So it was developed further by us, there was a “Farm432 Beta” as we called it, which got deployed in Malaysia in a research farm there and it had it’s successes and it’s shining moments but we ultimately decided that mealworms are much better housemates, much nicer to have around and they taste good no matter what, which is much trickier with the black soldier fly larvae, so that’s why we are focusing on the mealworms now.

Aubin Bernard: Ok! And my last question is: Can you tell people a little spoiler about what is going to come next after the Hive at Livin farms ?

Katharina Unger: Yeah! We’re working on some exciting new project, there’s going to be news about it very soon actually! So we’re working on a new version of Hive, so it’s developing further, most of it is still kind of secret so I can’t tell you much right now, but stay tuned and follow us on our social media channels to find out more.

Aubin Bernard: Yeah, so guys, be aware, something is coming, that’s it !


Aubin Bernard: Okay, well, thanks a lot for answering these questions, that kind of all I had to ask and it was really nice to chat with you, and Clayton before about your product.

Katharina Unger: Yeah, thanks so much for talking to us, it’s really good to have your feedback.

Aubin Bernard: Cool, cool, well thanks for having you and see you around.

Katharina Unger: Yeah, thanks so much, ok take care, bye bye.

Aubin Bernard: So guys, you heard the lady, stay tuned, something is coming and I for one can tell you, I’ve seen it and it’s pretty cool. This is actually the end of my first podcast, I hope you survived it and got to the end, if you’re hearing this and your ears didn’t pop-off, well that’s good news. I would really appreciate the feedback, and yeah, the quality is to be improved, I got that! Thanks for listening and see you soon !

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