Up to now I’ve mainly be writing guides on how to breed insects or other creatures you can keep as pets, but I’ve decided to take this blog to the next level. With this article I made my first podcast, and I’m also starting to create videos.

I’ve also decided to make the theme more diverse and today I will talk to you about a company I’ve been following since they begun : Livin farms. 


Livin farms

Livin farms is a company founded in 2015, their core value is to empower people to grow sustainable food at home using new technologies.

Their first product was the Hive, a table top farm to grow mealworms in your own kitchen.

From now on, having bugs in your kitchen is going to be a good thing.


The story behind the company

It all started when the founder Katharina moved from Austria to Hong Kong, she realized that most of the food was imported and no one knew where it came from.

As a designer she started looking for solutions to improve the current food system.

These days when we talk about protein, which is an essential part of our diet, there are 4 main solutions:

  • Animal protein
  • Plant protein
  • Fermentative biomass (lab-grown steaks)
  • Insect protein


For Katharina, insects seemed like the perfect solution for people to grow their food independently at home.


She started a first design called Farm432, a module made for breeding black soldier flies and collecting their larvae.

This took her all around the world and in 2015 she founded a new company, Livin farms, dedicated only to growing edible insects.

Farm432 was a sucess but unfortunately, I don’t think people are ready to keep flies at home and eat them, would you ?

Furthermore it’s hard to control the taste of black soldier fly larvae.

So with her friend and design partner Julia Kaisinger, they started designing the Hive.


The Hive



Livin farms created the Hive, an innovative design to help you grow and harvest your very own mealworms.

With this technology you can harvest between 200-500g (7-17oz) per week and that, even if you’re a total beginner!

Very easy to use, a lot of processes are even automatized. I wouldn’t be able to explain every technical detail but I’m confident you can find all the info in their explanation manual.


Coming soon


I recently had a call with Clayton Wong and Katharina Unger about their new upcoming product.

Now I can’t tell you much because it’s a secret, but I can tell you there is going to be some news soon about it !

To be honest, I’m probably going to buy it myself.

It will be a lower cost entry for people who want to grow their own mealworms but also a new aspect they are working on is adding an educational value to their product.

If you’re interested, and I hope you are, be sure to follow Livin farms on their social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram to be the first to hear it when they announce their new product.


If you want more info about Livin farms or just want to hear my beautiful voice, I recorded our talk with Katharina Unger so feel free to listen to it on my first podcast: click here if you’re interested.

Let’s join the insect revolution together, but in a healthy, sustainable and modern way.


If you appreciated the article, (or not), please let me know.

I would like to know how my readers appreciate this new type of article.

Also if you are an insect company and would like to get in contact, please do, it’s easy and I’d love to talk with you.

See you soon !

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